About Us

At Micah Galore, we take pride in meeting your fashion needs. Our motto is "When you look good, you feel good" . If you like it, regardless the brand, color, or style... Get It! We were all made different so we can produce different styles. All styles are cool. Be a trendsetter, a Fashion Slayer. We are all unique so lets show our personality and express ourselves through what we wear. So treat yourself to a closet full of Micah Galore. You deserve it!


Micah Galore is  Operated out of Minnesota. We stay up late and get up early to bring you all of the latest fashion. We are striving to become your favorite boutique. 

Don't forget to Tag us #MicahGalore @MicahGalore and share it on your Social Media Platforms.  Oh, and don't forget "When you look good, You feel good."